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Heavy Duty Lambing Pen

This universal lambing pen has 48” high sides and sheet metal 12” from the ground to keep bedding in the pen and also help keep diseases from spreading from pen to pen. Made of 1 in. sq. tubing and 1/2 " rod, with a powder coat paint finish. These pens will be the last pens you will need to buy. With 4 optional door panels to choose from, a solid panel, feed front panel, creep gate panel, and a grafting gate panel all can be easily switched in a matter of seconds (your choice of panel one per pen). Another option is the safety zone panel with adjustable lamp holder that you can adjust the height with a knob. Comes in a 5 ft. wide x 5 ft. deep pen and 5 ft.wide x 6 ft. deep pen and 6 ft. wide x 5 ft. deep, 6 ft.wide x 6 ft. deep. Add on pens also available. Shown with optional grafting gate

• 5’ Front Gate $250

• 6’ Front Gate $275

• 5’ Side panel $130

• 6’ Side panel $140

** Vertical rods on side panels are also available.**

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