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Featured Products

Model 30 Manual Head Gate

Model 30 Manual Head Gate works on sheep, goats, calves with or without horns. The self-locking ratcheting head gate mechanism automatically adjusts to any thickness of neck size. With easy to use release lever.

Price : $375

Sheep Walker

Lamb Walker is powered by a 1/2 hp, 3 phase motor, which runs off of regular 110-volt electricity. The 30 to 1 gear reduction gearbox combined with the 1/2 hp motor gives the walker enough torque to get the sheep or goats to start walking.

Price : $2,700

AI Table

AI table with lift spring makes AI your animals easy with less strain on your back.

Fully adjustable to accommodate any type of animal. Rolls smoothly on 4 swivel wheels that lock the table from moving.

Zinc coated.

Price : $1,500